Living & Accommodation

     Living in Russia and spend 150 $ to 200 $ a month is enough for individual student. Prices are a little more high in St. Petersburg and moscow.
     Eat, drink, dine in the cafe: on purchases related to food, you will spend 40 $ to 80 $ per week (all prices in US dollars). The cafe serves a good three-course dinner for $ 20. If you dine in the cafe on weekdays, three meals cost about $ 7.
     Evening entertainment: A movie ticket costs 10 $, if the film comes in English, but you can watch movies in Russian for $ 5. Tickets to the theater, opera or ballet are $ 30, but for the good places you have to pay 70 $ and above. Entrance to the museums and galleries is from 1 to $ 10, depending on the possible discounts. Over the entrance to the clubs need to pay 5 $ to 10 $ as a club entrance fee.
     Public transport: Metro ticket costs from 24 $ to 36 $ per month. Tickets for buses, trams and trolley buses cost between $ 0.5 to 0.9 per trip, regardless of the length of the route.
     Excursions: From Moscow you can ride to the nearest city of the Golden Ring for one day. This trip will cost you $ 15 or $ 20. Train ticket if you are going to travel to within Russia, is inexpensive (accommodation seats tickets from Moscow to St. Petersburg cost about $ 15 to 20 $). Accommodation in cheap student accommodation with private facilities (toilet and shower) in the hallway costs from $ 20 to $ 30 per night.
     Clothing: Worth buying winter clothes (hat, scarf, coat, shoes) in Russia. It is cheaper than in the West, and is better suited for the Russian climate.
     If you want to make international calls, we propose to use calling cards with the best rates: 20 dollar card allows you to make 2-hour calls to Europe and America. All local calls are free.



The university provides accommodation for the students in there hostels, but the students are free to choose between staying inside the campus and outside the campus in separate apartments than the university hostels.
    The advantages and Disadvantages of living outside the campus are many. Talking about the disadvantages, the major problem with living outside the campus is that the cold winter mornings and the rainy days pose a serious threat to your attendance in class and hence your academic performance . The comfort of the bed is often too overwhelming when compared to staring at the teachers during the morning sessions.
     Distance is also a major challenge. Even after a thorough research on the flats in the locality, you could end up living in apartments which are sometimes more than 5 or 10 miles away from the campus.
     The main advantage of living outside the campus is that you could live in appartments which pleases you with the best facilities compared to the limited facilities that a university hostel has to offer. You could also share apartments with friends hence divide the rent among yourselves, which can place you in a life of luxury at a price lower than that of what the university has to offer.
     In order to live outside the campus, each year, you would have to inform your college authorities and the local police station under whose jurisdiction the apartment is located. And you would have to enroll your address in your residence permit and get it verified by the police officials.
     Searching for the appropriate apartment is the difficult task of all. Approaching real estate agents is a very good option. But you should be proficient in Russian in order to work out a deal or else take a Russian friend with you. The agencies are likely to charge you with average service fees, usually ranging from half of the monthly rent or less. But the service fees is worth it since, the agents will be taking you on free visits to your “would be” homes, and can easily find you an apartment.